Decluttering and reorganizing your closets, drawers, living areas, or your pantries can improve your space whether you are preparing to sell or just looking to better utilize the room that you currently have. What are your family’s needs? What areas in your home need to be better organized? Is it time to get rid of unwanted clothes, worn linens, or old toys? I can help you get organized!


Adding a shelf, some interesting baskets, bins, or jars can help create a pantry that serves your needs in a creative and aesthetic way. I’ll help you design a solution for even the most cluttered pantry.



Whether you have a large walk-in closet where you don’t know how to best utilize the space, or a small, cramped closet that needs an organization system that will make the most effective use of the space, I can help you find a system that suits your needs and finally tame even the most unruly closet.


Office Spaces

Clutter or poor layout getting in the way of your work flow? I can help you optimize your office space by finding new organization systems, new office furniture, or a new layout that will help make you more productive!


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