Why Home Staging?

When people think about staging their home they think of this service as a further investment to a property they are ready to sell. I believe that staging a home does not have to be complicated or costly. Simple changes such as decluttering or even pre-packing can make all the difference. Staging can help identify and accentuate the unique aspects of your home. Whether you are preparing to list, or have been on the market for some time, I would be happy to schedule a consultation with you to give you some ideas.

Important Things to Remember

First Impressions Are Everything

First impressions are everything! Prospective buyers will judge your house within the first few moments of entering, so it is important to make a lasting first impression. Your front door, your entryway – are these areas catching your buyer’s eye?

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Presence is Key

A small upfront investment can potentially save you thousands of dollars you might otherwise pay in mortgage payments while your house sits on the market. Set your home apart from the others by taking the time to prepare for the selling process. A well prepared, staged home will help you get top dollar for your house by standing out among comparable homes. Staged homes have been shown to sell two to three times faster than un-staged homes. You want your house to stand out to real estate agents and prospective buyers that are stopping in for an open house, a private viewing, or looking at your home online.

Help Buyers Visualize Their Home

Buyers can better visualize themselves and their families living in your home if it has been ‘neutralized’. Selling your home can be an emotional time because it is filled with memories of your family. I want to help prospective buyers look at your home and imagine their family in that space. Getting a jumpstart on packing and decluttering can open up your space and give the buyer the vision they may need to make a decision.


Request a Consultation

A small investment in home staging can help set your house apart from others on the market and accelerate the selling process. I can help you prepare your home when you are ready to make your move!